Redefining Education


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  1. Last year, out of total enrolled 530 school-going children, 345 received 1st division and 140 got 2nd division. This is a remarkable feat knowing that children enrolled at HK are the invisible backbenchers who do not match with the learning level of rest of the class. Furthermore, 140 non-school-goers and absentia students started going to school and participating in other school activities.
  2. 15 ex-H.K. students ( now studying in 12th and higher classes) have stayed back with the family and joined hands to assist us as volunteers to teach the kids.
  3. In the past eight years more than 5000 people have used this platform to play a vital role in the cause of holistic education. professionals from various fields have volunteered from the city for personality development and for imparting vocational expertise.
  4. In the past five years we have taught basic reading, writing an d aarithmaticto 160 mothers.
  5. We have staged five major theatre and drama productions and 14 skits and street plays all around the city in the past 5 years.
  6. Hamari Kaksha team has trained hundreds of teachers under various teacher training programs held by Education Department as well as private institutes.
  7. Many of the pass outs of Hamari-Kaksha have got employed in retail and sale industries.
  8. Women associated with Hamari-Kaksha have been trained in stitching and embroidery and other crafts and have become self sufficient.

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